General Cargo

Professional and experienced staff that is dedicated to frequent and personal sales visits to Cargo Agents. We consider that personal relationships with our clients are a value!
We maintain regular communications with Cargo Agents by providing them updates on schedules, rates, promotions and other information according to the industry.

Our office can utilize all available channels: telephones, e-mails, fax and postal mailing.

Monthly marketing reports are provided about all the results including market shares, market potentials, main customers, destinations, commodities, market capacities and our airlines capacity shares.
We continually monitor our airlines performances to ensure we offer the highest quality services. Our staff personally check each flight and truck arrival and departure that we are responsible for. Supervision and co-ordiantation of all booked cargoes to meet their close out times are in our competence as well.
Checking and controlling of the cargo upon acceptance, such as the weight, dimensions, packaging, labeling and documentation.
Our staff is licenced to accept and handle Dangerous Goods.

Info line: +371 29 29 87 17